In search of originality, designers, decorators and homeowners also resort to variety of ideas for unconventional wall decoration. The use of unconventional decor in interior design is a common “technique” characterized by diversity, personal style and unlimited possibilities.

# Laminate flooring on the wall

The laminate flooring on the wall definitely sound like an unconventional solution. Laminate flooring is widely used in residential construction as a flooring, but seeing it on the wall is definitely not typical. However architects and designers have good reasons for increasingly using this wall decoration option.

On the one hand, the choice of laminate flooring huge. It offers an extremely rich color and pattern palette, often resembling natural materials such as stone and wood. All or part of the wall, lined with laminate, gives the interior a more modern “expensive” look. Often the laminated walls continue the line of laminated floor, and this is a great construction technique that guarantee a sense of completeness and coziness.

On the other hand, laminate flooring is practical. By providing a flexible but durable a surface that is resistant to scratches, chemicals, stains and even mold and bacteria, laminate is a great wall covering option and can find and variety of interesting applications in the home interior.

# Leather wall

Luxury, luxury and again luxury ! A leather wall in the bedroom contributes to this! As expensive as it is, this type of wall decoration has a unique 3D effect and creates incredible use to use, use comfort and luxury of course !

This attractive and elegant wall decor is mainly achieved with artificial letter panels in various sizes, colors and designs. Leather panels can cover all or part of the wall, but in the both cases the effect is stunning.

For a more practical point of view, the leather wall is excellent solution for noise isolation, an excellent choice for bedrooms, recording studios, conference rooms, ect.

#Wall with artificial plants

The current tendency of cultivate a “living wall” as part of the interior is considered one of the best unconventional ideas for a wall decor. Some people even call it “futuristic”! It is in fact return to nature … or rather, a return to the vitality and beauty of nature in the lifeless urban environment of concrete, steel and glass.

Living walls are unique “vertical gardens” that can be grown at home as well. Imagine enjoying the fresh of nature right in your living room or dining room ? It’s Beautiful …

Living walls allows for different plant combinations – seasonal, annual, perennial etc. Choosing the right plants and arranging them is essential. The decorative element can cover an entire wall, but it can also be the size of a wall panel, hung as an incredible “living picture on the wall”. Vertical living walls can be also used as decorative separators in a larger spaces.

In addition to bringing natural beauty and originality, vertical gardens with natural plants also have a number of other positive qualities. They improve air quality, reduce energy costs, reduce noise and urban head levels and actively improve the overall interior environment.

#Carpet on the wall

The rug has been part of home decor around the world for a millenia. Often, however the carpet is not only decorative, but also functional. However, in a modern home a carpet on wall is anything, but traditional decoration.

The choice of rugs is huge. Their multicolor pelleters and templates are literally endless! You can cover all or part of a wall. The effect will be equally expensive. Hanging on a wall in the bedroom, it will add a wonderful feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation. A rug on the wall in the living room will be the perfect way to express your originality and style boldly.

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